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Bringing Affordable Green Homes to the Tens of Thousands that Society has Forgotten



Current Housing Programs are Ineffective

Federal and State Programs have had little impact while spending hundreds of millions of dollars.

There is Not Enough Low-Cost Housing Available

Urban renewal programs have forced low-income families to move due to the cost of the new housing available.

Low-Income Families Have Little Hope

Low-income families who have little hope to ever live in their own home pay rents far and above fair price.

Zona Verde delivers low cost, high quality, environmentally efficient homes that meet the needs of tribal lands, municipalities, real estate developers, investors and individual home builders.

We seek to work with Inner City, Native American, and Immigrant communities that historically have had little or no hope. It will be a new dawn for the residents and a new beginning with dignity and hope for families to become an asset to their communities, cities and states. 



Green construction materials, water conserving fixtures, energy efficient windows, solar, hydrogen fuel cells, battery storage & wind energy.


Structural insulation panels, pre-cut walls & floors, 20% quicker construction time, 50% off traditional housing cost, qualifies for federal & state funds.


Keeps families together, supports local community, inner city renewal, opportunity zones.



  • Higher Construction Costs

  • Longer Construction Time 

  • Non-Sustainable Construction

  • Needs Power/Gas Connection

  • Does Not Create New Employment Opportunities


  • Lower Construction Costs

  • Shorter Construction Time

  • Sustainable Construction  

  • Does Not Require Electric/Gas Connection  

  • Creates New Employment Opportunities 



    Meet the Team Behind the Dream

    Randy A. Edgerton | Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Edgerton has extensive business experience in the energy and technology sector in both public and private companies domestically and internationally. He has worked extensively in the Petroleum Industry and was responsible for the development and implementation of the first business portal for ordering, delivery and settlement of fuels and lubricants in Latin America and developed the first Internet based global oil testing platform deployed by Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, and British Petroleum.

    John Cabral | Chief Strategy Officer

    Mr. Cabral has extensive business development experience and has developed a variety of successful programs for Fortune 500, middle market and start-up companies. Mr. Cabral has extensive experience in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Innovation, CRM, Business Intelligence, Customer Experience, Process Improvement, and Project Management. Mr. Cabral received his B.S. in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University.

    Steven D. Talbot | Chief Legal Officer

    Mr. Talbot has advised companies on a range of financial issues, including mergers and acquisitions, real estate, securities and taxation. He has worked with both public and private companies in international and domestic transactions. He received his BA and MA degree from Central Washington University, his MBA from the University of Wyoming, his J.D. degree from the Willamette University School of Law and his LLM in Taxation from the University of Florida.

    Ankil C. Patel | Chief Construction, Technology & Engineering Officer

    Mr. Patel has over 40 years of executive leadership and a distinguished career as the Founder, CEO and Chairman for the largest IT company in Gujarat, India with offices in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Singapore. Mr Patel has worked with Intel U.S. and has held executive leadership positions in Building Material, Construction and Real Estate companies. Mr. Patel holds a B.E. from M.S. University and M.S.E.E from University of Texas at Austin.

    John Bunch | VP of Sales

    John has worked in the private and public company sectors. He has been in management, consulting, and software development, tribal relations, commercial and tribal gaming, as well as entertainment and software development industries. His background is based in Tribal Government & Enterprises; John is a voting tribal member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and has spent over 25 years dedicated to the expansion of tribal enterprises and businesses. 

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    [email protected]

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